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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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temperatures across the bay. that's coming up. protests and prayers in southern california after a man is shot and killed by police. the controversy surrounding this latest officer-involved shooting coming up. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll be sure to get you to the cooling trend coming up in a second with rob. first, let's check out the cool traffic forecast. >> we have a trend slowing around the bay, around the commute. as we look at the map, seeing a smoother slow drive developing for 101. i should say slower drive. nothing unusual about that. the only unusual slowing we see is on the uper eastshore freeway. there was a dear hit earlier so chp looking at that. a look at the metering lights.
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i see low clouds and i know i see fog this morning. >> the low clouds spilling over to the hayward side. can really see it from the san broon know mountains. it's about 1,000 feet down to ground level where you've got to low clouds. 50s and 60s right now. all day sea breeze helping to drop our temperatures inland out of the 90s, mid to upper 80s. in the 60s in san francisco. the fire lines this morning, still seeing temperatures in the 70s. warm and dry above 2,000 feet. highs today running cooler than yesterday. the trend will certainly continue as we head into the weekend. higher humidity levels, cooling temperatures we hope will help firefighting efforts around the loma fire. >> we hope the cooler weather does held in the fight to contain the flames still spreading in the santa cruz mountains. the loma fire stands at more than 2200 acres this morning. >> this morning, take's bob redell is live near the front lines once again. bob, still a lot of homes we
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understand in the fire's path. >> reporter: unfortunately that's not a sr. prize. cal fire anticipated this. to give the lay of the land, along loma prieta road. yesterday we were about a half mile down the road where we watched loma prieta burn. you can see that fire has moved towards the south. you're looking south towards the pacific ocean. the fire is moving actually in a southeasterly direction. towards about 300 homes. this is according to cal fire. again, it's not a surprise. cal fire predicted the fire be headed in that direction based on the winds they saw yesterday. yesterday they forced the evacuation of the people who live in the fire's path so there would be a last-minute mad dash out of there. the fire has already destroyed one home, six out buildings, damaged a second home and again threatening 300 more. there are about 875 men and women fighting this fire in addition to more than a dozen aircraft. we saw the air attack start
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yesterday morning early around 8:00. they brought in tankers. they had the dc-10 out there, the very large air tanker. they also have over 100 engines, water tenders and dozers. within the first few hours of the fire it jumped to over 1,000 acres. by yesterday morning it doubled in size. the positive is that this fire's rate of growth is slow. over the past 24 hours, it has only expanded by another 250 acres. it's now at 2250. with the help of a dozer and my inmate fire crews, cal fire has established a fire break on the western flank. that's close to the area we're at live yesterday. the fire still only 10% contained. cal fire is optimistic they can have full containment by monday. that would be a full seven days after this fire started as far as the cause, cal fire is still investigating. if you're looking towards the south from loma prieta road, you can see the fire burning brightly as it continues in a
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southeasterly direction. again, towards roughly 300 homes in its path. live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for that update. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the fire. we were the first to break this story and we'll continue to track it very closely on air and online at it is 6:04 right now. breaking news this morning, new word that the downed malaysia airlines flight mh-17 was indeed a russian warhead. this is according to a dutch-led team of investigators. the missile was fired in july of 2014 from an area of ukraine controlled by pro-moscow rebels. the surface-to-air missiles struck the boeing 777 en route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur killing all people on board. the latest findings refute moscow's suggestion that the plane was brought down by the ukrainian military. more breaking news this morning. at least 13 civilians are dead after an air strike in
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afghanistan. the u.s. military is reviewing a report that says the strike came from one of its aircrafts. a local report says the strike hit a residential neighborhood where a crowd had gathered to welcome home a tribal leader. another police-involved shooting. people in southern california are demanding answers following the deadly incident last night. protesters as you can see right there gathering at the scene of the shooting which is near a strip mall in san diego. the el cajon police chief says officers shot a black suspect who they say was acting erratically and failing to comply with directions. witnesses we spoke with corporate dikted that statement. that's according to our sister station in san diego. police also say the video provided to officers as cue see right there shows the man had his hands in the air pointing something at the officer. this is still from the video released by police that appears to show the man doing something threatening to the officer.
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police are calling for peace as they investigate the situation. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event, and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> that shooting comes three days after police in charlotte, north carolina, released some of this video that shows the september 20th killing of keith lamont scott. also, a tulsa, oklahoma, police officer is facing criminal charges in connection to a shooting in oklahoma. we'll have another live report from san diego in the next half hour. an orinda man talking about the terrifying moments when he and his wife were violently attacked by two men wearing halloween masks. it happened late monday night outside their home on clairemont avenue. the victims had just returned from a nearby supermarket. police believe the al attackers may have followed them home. at first, thomas 1358ding
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thought it was a hoax. is 70-year-old wife ended up being shot in the pelvis and the arm. >> we actually thought they were my son and his buddy doing a pre halloween prank on us. the guy said give it up. i reached in my pocket, pulled out my wallet, gave it to him. >> spalding's wife, carol brown, is a leader on the orinda school board. her injuries not considered life-threatening. police are culling through surveillance video to try to track down the attacker. >> take a careful look at this video this morning. san jose police asking for your help in nabbing this burglar. it happened at a home near calabasas creek. the suspect knocks at the door, goes around the back yard and talking on the cell phone before entering the home through a window. police say the man ransacked the house, eventually walking out with a jewelry box. police are looking at
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reports of a stalker at an east bay high school. this is happening at oakland technical high school's upper campus. school officials say he's targeting mostly female students. police say that man is driving a late 1990s white van similar to a dodge van. he's described as white between the ages of 50 and 65 with gray hair and mustache. a major announcement expected in connection with the wells fargo fake banking account scandal. there will be a big announcement tied to the case. the bank is accused of opening millions of phony accounts without permission of customers. wells fargo ceo john stumpf is already forfeiting $41 million in bonuses. the bank is paying out $185 million in fines. sharon katsuda following the story this morning and will have a live report in the next half hour. former israeli president
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shimon peres died at the age of 93 two weeks after suffering a major struck. >> he led a reluctant israel into peace talks in the mid 1990s and for that effort won a nobel prize. our senior investigative report ir stevphen stock interviewed hm last year. perez twice served as the uncan tri's prime minister. his son spoke out this morning about his father's legacy. >> our father's legacy has always been the future, look to tomorrow he told us, see your future with courage and wisdom and always continue to strive for peace. we were privileged to have been part of his private family, but today we sit with the entire nation of israel and the global community in mourning this great loss. >> after retooirk from elected office, peres brought together
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arabs and jews in an effort to promote peace. we'll check the forecast, rob in for kari who is out on maternity leave. finally, cooler temperatures today. >> seeing temperatures down by about five to ten degrees on the coast. san jose, 56 degrees. you can see the low clouds spilling across the flank there of the san bruno mountains this morning. 59 right now. the all-day sea breeze making temperatures more comfortable. 60s, 70s around the inner bay. mid 80s inland. from here, temperatures cool down even more heading into the weekend. stay tuned on that sunday and monday forecast, could see showers as the temperatures continue cooling off. mike? >> those are big changes. not big changes in the commute. what you expect as far as the trend goes. that's not always great news in san jose where it's slowing. for the tri-valley and east bay, looking at 680 through
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pleasanton. clearing by about highway 84. 880 through hayward and kind of bunching up around tennyson. a crash on the shoulder not posing much of a problem. no problems on the peninsula and the bay bridge has your toll plaza metering lights. >> of course. 6:11 right now. helping local teachers, the bill just signed that will help educators afford housing in one bay area city. plus. >> hillary clinton is riding a wave of energy following the debate and donald trump wants to change the conversation. i'm edward lawrence in washington. the dig deeper into presidential politics coming up. =i unit reopen omni!!=
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==sam/anim== new this morning... ==curail== contra costa county rke locked in a bitter contract disput.. are proming to waoff t ==rail== the union represents some 11-hundred county service woer contra county workers are threatening to run off the job. service workers's last contract expired in june. now a new bargaining session is set to take place this morning. in a statement issued yesterday, the june yoon said workers will walk off the job on friday unless a new job can be reached. including the weekend, workers will return the morning of october 5th. amidst the nationwide teacher shortage and housing crisis, governor brown signed a
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bill allowing for housing for educators. the district can now use federal tax credits as well as local and state funds when leasing property for teacher housing. the school district is looking at two district-owned properties. according to the mayors' office, one will be developed in the next two years saying, quote, today we deliver on a promise to help the educators of san francisco live in the communities where they work each and every day for the most important people, our children. at 6:15, hillary clinton's final bay area event will be held on october 13th, the event in san francisco making up for a fund-raiser clinton had to skip when she recently was sick. the event included performers like k.d. lang. tickets are now available. in the meantime both candidates will be back on the campaign trail following the first presidential debate. >> not surprisingly both candidates claiming victory
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after the first b debate. let's go to edward lawrence with more on what's next after the big night. edward, good morning. >> good morning, sam and lara. only the voters can decide who won. we should find that out obviously on election day. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail again. she's targeting young voters. she's trying to get that energy into her campaign. she's campaigning with senator bernie sanders at the university of new hampshire. >> riding a wave of energy from her debate performance, hillary clinton reminded the crowd in raleigh, north carolina, that donald trump criticized the amount of time she took to prepare. >> i said, yes, you know what? i did prepare. i'll tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of the united states, and i think that's good. >> reporter: she went on to say trump has never treated women fairly. at one point 20 years ago even calling the miss universe winner miss piggy. political analysts say trump helped clinton during the debate.
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>> trump zbaif hillary clinton's campaign a huge gift by acting like a misogynistic bully. >> reporter: trying to turn the conversation, hammering clinton on establishment ties, saying he represents change. >> what has hillary clinton accomplished for your family in the last 26 years she's been doing this? nothing. nothing. >> reporter: experts say he may have a lot of ground to make up before the next debate october 9th donald trump will be in chicago and then at an event in iowa and wisconsin. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. one of baseball's rising stars will be remembered today. a funeral procession will be held for miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he died when the boat he was in
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crashed on the rocks of miami beach. the procession will leave marlins park after 2:00 p.m. and travel to two different churches. a public view willing be held from 4:00 p.m. until midnight. a private funeral will take place tomorrow. 6:18 right now. a developing story out of china this morning. four people have died and nearly 300 others injured after typhoon megg megi made landfall. this marks the 17th typhoon this season for the area. numbers from the world health organization on the growth of air pollution around the world. using satellite data and ground measurements, experts say 92% of the global population lives in area exceeding world health organization guidelines. the group links 3,000 deaths every year to air pollution.
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most occurring in middle and low income nations. firefighters are battling the heat and dry conditions as the loma fire is continuing to grow this morning. you'll see the smoke and the glow. although the spread of the fire appears to have stabilized now. take a look at this time lapse we put together. we've sped up the video so you can see how much smoke is pouring out of the santa cruz mountains and auld over the south bay. >> it really is. the air conditions near morgan hill and gilroy. >> at the lower elevations we're beginning to see cooler air and more moisture thanks to the return of the marine layer. right snou it's 2,000 feet above the fire lines. daytime temperatures cooler than yesterday. as the marine air thickens up and the air aloft cools off, we'll see cooling conditions and hopefully better conditions weather wise for fire danger concerns around the bay area.
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below 1,000 feet, you're seeing it out towards the coast. we have the low clouds and fog making a big-time comeback down towards santa cruz for the mountains, coupled with an onshore breeze, this will keep the temperatures running as much as 10 to 15 degrees cooler as we head into the afternoon for places like san jose and livermore. san jose mostly cloud free at 56 degrees. redwood shores about 55 degrees this morning. in the san bruno mountains you see the low clouds, 55 degrees. winds onshore bringing in the fog across the golden gate bridge where it's 55. misty skies possible across the golden gate. temperatures dropped off by as much as 12 degrees. you see the onshore winds all the way into solano county, ensuring daytime highs in the 80s around the south bay. 70s for oakland and 70s to low 80s at the south wind at times into the north bay. the seven-day forecast seeing some changes as we head into the
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weekend. check that out, sunday into monday, there is a chance we'll see showers and could even see the first rain of fall. the inland temperatures and coastal temperatures cool down big time moving through this weekend. mike? >> rob, looking over here, we have a pretty typical pattern for this wednesday morning. you see the slower spots developing, south bay very subtle. i want to point out the east bay looks better out of hayward and toward union city. the crash at tennyson is out of the roadway and may be cleared from the shoulder. we have your build for the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge moving west. farther north looking at a nice smooth drive. earlier issue involving a deer has been cleared. we have slowing for the upper east shore right around highway 4 coming off the carquinez bridge. the richmond-san rafael bridge is open. we'll talk more about that after what happened yesterday. all open for business this morning. the golden gate bridge, robbed showed you that. the fog is here and there may be
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mist on your windshield. looking by contrast in the south bay, 101, clear, just having the build start. >> coming up next, helping breast cancer patients. the new device that makes the process less painful and expensive for women. an energy rebate for three grand is opened. but nowhere to be found. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. in florida.
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it's designed to welcome back to this wednesday morning, 6:24. there's a new device helping breast cancer patients in florida, designed to make removing breast cancer tumors, easier, less painful and less expensive. surgeons in tampa bay are now the first to use a non-radioactive device that pinpoints breast tumors and allows surgeons to more accurate remove the tissue affecting. leading to surgery, the patients injected with a small rice-size ultrasound technology that allows doctors to pinpoint where lesions are developing. the device is called savvy scout, and it's been cleared by the fda. let's hope it helps. 6:25 right now. nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who has been waiting months for a rebate check. >> with thousands of dollars hanging in the balance. chris chmura has her story.
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>> in january joyce randolph decided to make an improvement to her home, making it more energy efficient. she hired valley heating and cooling to do the job with a price tag of $13,000. joyce was told she qualified for a $3,000 rebate through a pg&e program. the job was done in february. joyce has been waiting ever since to get her three grand. when she called about it, she was told her rebate was in the system. for an explanation, we contacted pg&e's rebate program and valley heating and cooling. we learned the rebate processing is outsourced and that company had i.t. problems. valley heating and cooling said it was upset by the seven-month delay and wanted to take care of its customer. it cut joyce a check for the $3,000 rebate. joyce, in turn, will reimburse them when she gets the check. pg&e says it reglets the delay. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us.
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the phone number is 1-888-996-tips, or you can visit us online at tomorrow, instead of new furniture, he's sernt the floor models and asks us for help. up next on "today in the bay," a devastating night for a north bay family. >> all of a sudden embers coming off, it was popping. ash everywhere. >> their home's destroyed. now investigators are saying they might know how this fire in petaluma started. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. you can see the loma fire still burning brightly. we just got an update from cal fire on how the weather might finally start to help firefighters. we'll update you coming up in a live report. >> one of the things we'll be watching with fire danger is the return of the marine air and higher humidity levels cooling temperatures especially across
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the bay area. the latest on your forecast when we come right back. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda live in san francisco where a big announcement is expected in the wells fargo banking scandal. i'll have a live report. we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes
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directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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so vote yes on 55. =laura/4shotand i'm laura garci. (toss rob) good morning and welcome to wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> halfway through the workweek. i'm laura garcia-cannon. halfway through the commute? maybe not so much. >> getting into the commute actually. pretty predictable.
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let's show you the roadways. no big surprises right now as far as your traffic flow. so predictable, i put out these arrows and that's where you're seeing the slowdown. your northbound routes in san jose moving towards the rest of the silicon valley. i want to point out the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the biggest backup. the backup because the metering lights are on. in thing background i see fog out there, too. >> biggest change in the morning commute. the wig guest changes from the san bruno mountains, from the top of the clouds across the bay area, that's the fog blanket making a return appearance. 50s and 60s around the bay area. the sea breeze keeping our temperatures down, 60s in san francisco, 70s to low 80s inland. cooling temperatures. the loma fire still above 2,000 feet. daytime highs starting to cool down. even cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels likely over the next few days. >> the race to contain the
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flames raging continues this morning. the cooler weather could start to pay off today. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live near the fire lines. a wave of new information coming in within the last few minutes. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. we have gotten information about the loma fire. you're looking south and the loma fire still very active. looks almost volcanic where where we're standing as it continues in the southeasterly direction. it's not a surprise. this is where cal fire anticipated it to head based on the wind patterns and temperatures over the past 24 hours. the problem is that they believe there's roughly 300 homes in the path. that's why you see these evacuations. as you mentioned, we heard from the public information officer with cal fire who believes the weather today could work in the
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firefighters' advantage. >> these fires during the course of this year, what they did the last year and the year before, have been burning during the nighttime as if it was during the daytime. here we have a little marine influence. you can feel how cool it is. granted the fire is up at an elevation that we're not feeling this morning. it was a big help as far as lower temperatures, higher humidities. the fire did slow down to a certain extent, but still growing a little bit. >> reporter: if you can bear the conditions to 24 hours ago when we're out here watching the fire turn down the south side of loma prieta which was yesterday morning, it is cooler. though we have noticed a northerly breeze heading towards the south from time to time which could be some of the flare-up as we look south. at the loma fire as it advances in the southeasterly direction. the fire has already destroyed one home, six out buildings, it damaged a second home and again threatening 30 more.
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to give a sense of how serious cal fire is taking us, we know there are 1100 men and women fighting this fire. compare that to just 350 24 hours ago. they also have a number of aircraft up. they started an air assault yesterday around 8:00 in the morning with tankers, even the dc-10, the large air tanker out here as well as choppers and 100 vehicles on the ground. this fire unfortunately is only 10% contained, burning at 2,250 acres. cal fire hopes to have 100% containment on monday which would be exactly seven days after the loma fire started. live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> firefighters with a long weekend ahead of them. stay with nbc bay area. we've got continuing coverage of the fire. we were first to break the story. we'll continue to follow it on air and online. this morning a north bay community is in shock.
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many came home from work to find their homes burnt to a crisp, the fire and smoke, they could see it along 101. they shut down multiple lanes as a result of that structure fire. it is all that is left right now for some fires in petaluma. the fire started about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and flames fueled by eucalyptus trees were shooting skyward. 20 homes evacuated. 14 of them were burned. some appear to be a total loss. fire officials sayer something from a vehicle ignited brush on the shoulder and the driver responsible for all of this likely didn't even know it was happening. >> a lot of things can start a fire on the side of a freeway. stuff coming out of your exhaust fight, beads from your catalytic converter will start it. two hours after the fire began, it was over. two people suffered minor injuries as a result. 6:35 right now. breaking news we're following this morning. new word that downed malaysia
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airlines flight mh-17 was indeed a ruks warhead, this according to a dutch-led team of investigators. the missile was fired in july of 2014 from an area of ukraine controlled by pro-moscow rebels. the surface-to-air missile struck the boeing 777 en route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur killing 298 people. the latest findings refute moscow's suggestion that the plane was brought down by the ukrainian military. hopefully today will be a better one for drivers in san francisco and the north bay. a fiery accident yesterday morning caused headaches late into the evening. >> it blew up like twice. there was a couple of explosions. it was pretty -- i've never seen anything like it. >> it happened on the richmond-san rafael bridge when a big rig hauling contaminated dirt hit a guard rail and burst into flames. the chp says the driver made it out before the cab exploded. emergency crews worked through the day to try to clean up the wreck. they had to shut down the lower deck of the richmond-san rafael
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bridge. that meant no access out of marin county. commuters had to go through san francisco and across the kba bridge just to get to the east bay. san jose police are investigating that city's 37th homicide of the year. a deadly stabbing in san jose. there were 30 homicides all of last year. officers yesterday morning were called out to investigate a body that was found in a field on gene avenue north of interstate 280 as you see on the map. when they arrived they found a man unconscious with stab wounds who wasn't breathing. the victim has not been identified. the san francisco board of supervisors taking a stand, unanimously approving legislation banning official city travel to states that sanction discrimination against the lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender community. it makes the city the first in the nation to prohibit city contracts with and purchases from companies in such states. the idea is a response to laws passed in mississippi and north carolina that provide legal protection for discrimination on the basis of sexual or gender
6:38 am
orientation. now looking towards consumer protection. happening today, a big announcement at san francisco city hall, all of this in the wake of an investigation into wells fargo. that bank revealed millions of phony accounts without customer's permission. sharon katsuda in front of the wells fargo corporate office in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: sam, there are a lot of developments on the federal level, and today the state treasurer is expected to make that big announcement today. just yesterday wells fargo said chief executive john stumpf will forfeit compensation worth up to $45 million. according to a statement released by wells fargo's board of directors, he'll give up about $1 million of unvested stock, awards of 910,000 shares and won't receive a bonus. the decision comings before stumpf is expected to appear before the house financial services committee. the bank has already agreed to
6:39 am
pay $185 million to federal regulators and a los angeles city attorney's office. regulators say the practice of opening the fake accounts was encouraged by an aggressive and poorly supervised sales culture. there were no the tails about today's big announcement, but they said he oversees $2 trillion in annual transactions as well as a large area of local investment funds pooled into accounts. today's big announcement is expected at noon at city hall. live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. want to check in with rob mayeda. he has a look at the cooler temperatures. >> return of fog and low clouds blanketing the flanks of san bruno mountains. it will make for an amazing sunrise and will impact the temperatures in san jose into the afternoon. at 56 degrees by the afternoon. low 80s for a change.
6:40 am
60s in san francisco, 70s towards oakland. look at the cooling trend throughout the seven-day forecast, increasing clouds, even cooler temperatures for our inland locations, low 70s this weekend, even a chance of showers by monday. >> we think the cooling trend is a good trend. the trend for the commute, more traffic. we expect that. look at the south bay and the east bay, heading across the bay as well. across the bay here at the richmond-san rafael bridge. as laura said, the eastbound reopened yesterday evening much later than chp thought. it is open for this morning's commute. eastbound 37, a lighter commute, back to your normal flow across the water there. meanwhile, looking at your mass transit options. muni with the minor reroute around balboa park. up next, if you're just waking up, it was a tense night in southern california. controversy surrounding yet another deadly officer-involved shooting. we're live at the scene with new video images.
6:41 am
plus. >> we need our fathers and mothers to be by our side. >>. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> no justice, no peace! >> no justice, no peace! >> speaking from her heart, quite moving. the tearful plea from a young girl in charlotte. shootings across the country...
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in the wake of several recent high profile officer-involved shootings, people in california are reeling after a deadly shooting in our own back yard. >> protesters gathered near the scene in san diego after an african-american man was shot and killed by police. elena gomez is there with the circumstances surrounding this latest shooting. elena? >> reporter: good morning. here in san diego in the el cajon community, it's a much different morning than it was last night when large groups of protesterser were out here. now this morning, much calmer. you can see a candlelight vigil has been set up for the victim that was shot last night just behind a taco shop right in front of us.
6:45 am
this started around 2:15 yesterday afternoon. it was the man's sister who originally called el cajon police after she said her brother needed mental health. he was walking in and out of traffic next to where the shoopting happened. when police arrived they found the man in the back of the taco shot. police asked him to take his hand out of his pocket. one officer got out his gun and pointed it at that man and told him to take his hand out of his pocket. at the same time another officer here at the scene had a taser gun. he also started to get that ready as well. the man continued to not take his hand out of his pocket. suddenly that man pulled hisses hand out of his pocket with an object and made a shooting stance at the officer and that's when the officer tased that man and the other officer ended up shooting him multiple times. the sister of the man was at the scene, obviously heartbroken, in the middle of this scene. all this happened in front of
6:46 am
her. now she's asking for answers as to why police shot her brother instead of tasing him and having a less violent incident here in the el cajon community yesterday afternoon. back to you guys. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event, and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> reporter: you just heard from police. obviously they're still in the middle of their investigation. they do have one video that they found from a witness at the taco shop working at the time that recorded some of that. mr. is will be looking into that as well as any other video here that they can use to try to help them find out what happened here yesterday afternoon. back to you in the studio, elena gomez, nbc 7. >> obviously situations involving here in california, also on the east coast as well. >> now to the police shooting in
6:47 am
charlotte, north carolina, where an african-american police officer shot and killed another african-american man. >> yesterday a young girl speaking up for her generation and her community with a tearful plea before charlotte city council. >> our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't see them anymore. it's a shame that we have to go to the graveyard and bury them. we shouldn't have to. we need our fathers and mother . to be by our side. >> she's only 9 years old. but clearly understands the essence of this entire conversation. there were moments during her speech when that little girl was over come with emotion. but the crowd cheered her on and supported her. she's just 9 years old. the community is calling for policing changes after police shot and killed keith lamont
6:48 am
scott last week. >> strong little girl. a bay area family shattered by the death of their two young children celebrating a ikt havery. bob pack's children, 10-year-old troy and 7-year-old alana were killed yesterday. a woman ran them over on a danville sidewalk. she had been drinking and taking prescription pain killers. pack learned beretta was going from one doctor to the next getting narcotics, a practice called doctor shopping. pack spent the last decade fighting to prevent it. yesterday governor jerry brown signed a bill making it mandatory for doctors to check a statewide prescription database before giving a patient narcotics for the first time. he's hoping the new law will heal prevent future tragedy. >> it's about all the families in the future that have loved unones with addiction problems and issues. hopefully it will save lives. >> the law takes effect at the beginning of next year. in u fallout from san
6:49 am
francisco's sinking millennium tower. concerns that the building prompted the city's transportation authority to block funding phase two of the nearby transbay transit center. >> we in san francisco have put our butts on the line, literally, to the tune of $250 million because of problems with this project. >> the board of supervisors voted to withhold the next payment of more than $6 million. they say they want mr answers and more oversight on that transit hub. it's located near the millennium tower. the developer is blaming construction of the center for cause the tower to tilt. serious safety concerns on local railroads. federal and state agencies are getting involved in a dispute in sonoma county, sending out hazmat inspectors after northwestern pacific railroad
6:50 am
parked liquid petroleum on the tracks. s.m.a.r.t. says nwp offered to move 50 of the 80 tankers in the near future. but it was rejected, demanding the freight company remove them all immediately. nwp hasn't returned our call. we did receive a letter from the president saying they believe the company is following the law. we are going back out right now to the santa cruz mountains as firefighters are battling the heat and dry conditions. our chopper is up this morning. it may not look like the situation has stabled liesed. as you see the fire is continuing to rage in all that smoke, but there has been some progress. at this point the latest count is 2,250 acres that have been burned as a result of the loma fire. but they have been doubling their resources now. we learned within the last hour cal fire is now up to over 1,000 firefighters. >> 10% contained right now. they hope to have it fully
6:51 am
contained by monday of next week. so they've got a little haul ahead of them here. >> a shot in the arm as far as temperatures coming down. >> looking at cooler temperatures, hopefully higher humidity levels. a contrast along the fire lines above 2,000 feet. still dry where we're seeing temperatures in the low 70s. humidity levels at about 33%. temperatures today running cooler to yesterday, closer to 90 degrees. below the layer, the return of the low clouds, fog, drizzle and mist on the coast in the lower hills around the loma fire. this will help as we go through the day today and ensure that our temperatures will be running cooler than yesterday. highs in the 70s around the peninsula. 50s around belmont. 55 in san martin, a cool 53 degrees this morning. mostly clear right now and winds strongly onshore for a change throughout the day. that's going to keep the ocean air conditioning going with low clouds hugging the closed line. temperatures around san
6:52 am
francisco in the 60s. there you'll see 70s around palo alto, south of downtown san jose. for the tri-valley in walnut creek, still a little hot inland, upper 80s in the forecast. trending cooler. the trough of low pressure ap etch proing. time frame sunday into monday, we could see a few showers around the bay area, enough it could measure on rain gauges, especially around the north bay. late into the weekend, intoer li next week, stay tune for the changes. the cooling trend taking us into the start of the weekend around san francisco. inland temperatures on our way ut o of the 80s, into the more comfortable 70s. >> we're looking at a pretty comfortable commute. any slowing, we don't like that on the roads. you've got to get used to it because of the volume of traffic around the north bay. northbound through san jose, predictable slowing. a-kra southbound 101 at brokaw, has not presented any additional slowing, but it's there.
6:53 am
that is an air you right around the airport. tri-valley for 680 and 880 slowing towards fremont, typical pattern there. a little north of there, looking at the approach to the bay bridge, a nice flow. we have the metering lights on. a crash off the carquinez bridge and a stall off the benicia bridge causing slowing in the north bay. the peninsula seeing the volume increase. back to you. 6:53. up next, an update directly from the front lines of the fire as progress is stunting the spread of the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains issic taking place. bob redell with new information on the developing story. >> it is happening now. 2200 acres burning in the loma fire. continues to spread in the santa cruz mountains. we continue to update and also our social media platforms this morning. a patrol trooper pulls over a driver in the car pool lane
6:54 am
who had a cutout of donald trump in the passenger seat. we posted a link to the story on our facebook page. we'll be back in just a few. welcome back:
6:55 am
6:56 am
before you head t theoor - here are the top stories on nbc 6:56. welcome back on this wednesday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> let's get baing to the loma
6:57 am
fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. it continues to spread it does looks like there's been some progress. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us, very close to the fire lines. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. as we stand here on loma prieta road, we've been showing the views towards the south all morning long where we saw the volcanic flames, the way i would describe it on the ridge. within the past 15 minutes, you can see the flames, the white smoke there in the back ground. we did hear from cal fire within the past hour, and they tell us that overnight, the weather was very cooperative. they had higher humidities and lower temperatures which slowed the rate of growth of the fire. you can see the fire is still burning. keep in mind on wednesday when it started -- monday afternoon, this fire quickly jumped to 1,000 acres. yesterday it doubled. within the past 24 hours, it's only added 250 acres. it's now at 2,250. cal fire, if you look down at the ridge, they're putting a lot of resources on this fire.
6:58 am
they've got over 100 vehicles, a dozen aircraft that were attacking this fire yesterday. and now they have 1,100 firefighters. compare that to yesterday morning when there was 350. if you look at the ridge where that blackened area is, you'll recall that's where we were standing 4 hours ago as we had the flames coming up that canyon there and as we watch the fire burn down the south phrase of loma prieta. that fire is headed in a southeasterly direction which is not a surprise. cal fire anticipated this. that's why they put evacuations into effect yesterday morning. again, roughly 300 homes in the path of the loma fire which again they are hoping better weather conditions in terms of lower temperatures and higher humidities will help. i can feel right now there is a breeze which is not good when you're trying to fight a fire. live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the breezes can be quite dangerous. thank you very much. we are at least seeing a dip
6:59 am
in the tours, not necessarily at the altitude that bob is at. >> marine layer is deepening. above 2,000 feet, numbers in the 70s. that, too, should improve. the low clouds across the san bruno mountains, 50s and 60s outside. ocean air conditioning dropping temperatures in the mid 80s, 6 o s closer to fran. >> pretty smooth sailing when it comes to the commute? >> no major-kras. looks like everybody is getting along just fine. a lot of folks are getting out there. northbound routes through the silicon valley, all moving as you would expect with 101 at the bottom of your screen around capital expressway. a big increase over the last few minutes. looking at the upper eastshore freeway moving well. the right side, 680 toward the walnut creek interchange, nothing unusual. >> can we take your message, can't we all just get along and channel it, tell the political candidates? chill out. >> very nice. and signal.
7:00 am
that's my platform. >> and signal. no road rage out there on this wednesday morning. than bs for joining us. back at 7:25. leaders from around the world good morning. breaking news. shimon peres, israel's former prime minister, has died. leaders from around the world paying tribute to his visionary leadership and his unrelenting drive for peace in the middle east. victory laps. donald trump and hillary clinton both claiming wins in the most-watched debate ever. >> one down, two to go. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. >> as the former miss universe who was thrust into the showdown steps forward in an interview with nbc news. >> what were the names that he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine.


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